She Point Beauty Studio and Transgender Waxing Vancouver May Face Human Rights Tribunal

A Surrey transgender woman’s complaint against seven estheticians who refused to wax her genitals may make it to B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal.Nailed It Beauty Spa  Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said January 7 it has retained legal representation to defend Vancouver’s She Point Beauty Studio in a case filed by Jessica Yaniv. “Women have a constitutional right not to be compelled to touch biological males in a highly personal and intimate manner,” said JCCF director Jay Cameron, who has represented five estheticians facing Yaniv’s previous claims.

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In an October ruling that drew worldwide attention, a tribunal member dismissed most of the complaints, saying the estheticians did not discriminate against Yaniv because they denied her arm and leg waxing requests on the grounds they only offer female-oriented waxing services. The tribunal member said it would be impossible for them to provide genital waxing for Yaniv, whose gender expression is as a man. She also said a salon employee could injure Yaniv if they attempted to wax her scrotum.

Before your appointment, numb the skin with a topical anesthetic or take aspirin or ibuprofen to dull pain. It’s best to avoid hot showers, steam rooms, tight clothing and sun exposure for 48 hours after a wax. It can also be helpful to avoid exfoliating or using a loofa on the area for a few days before your appointment. After your wax, remember to apply a good moisturizer.