Nationwide Bund Lining Solutions

Many bund lining contractors offer a limited number of systems that are based on the same resin technology, production facilities and application equipment. As a result, they will have a bias view on the best system for your project. Using the wrong system could cause damage and subsequent contamination.

Our nationwide bund lining solutions can protect your site from expensive damage if an oil tank leaks or bursts. Whether your bunds are lined with Fibreglass, GRP or epoxy, we have a solution to prevent leaking oil, chemicals and fuel from damaging your concrete, masonry or steel primary and secondary containment structures and structures.

A GRP lining is perfect for aggressive chemical environments and can be installed on both new or old concrete, masonry, and brickwork substrates. It is hard and durable, preventing movement stress cracking of the surface and can handle any type of chemical environment with ease.

Seamless Protection Across Borders: Nationwide Bund Lining Solutions

Epoxy bund linings are hard and rigid, but lack the chemical resistance of a GRP lining and can be susceptible to movement stress cracking on a concrete or masonry substrate. However, they are much better than a polyurethane bund lining at handling physical damage and work well as an oil storage bund.

Our Sika Cor VE products and systems based on vinyl ester resins are highly suited for acidic environments, especially where there is a high risk of corrosion from the aggressive condensates created by FGDS. These chemically resistant linings are very popular on power plants, water and industrial manufacturing processes.