Last Minute Hotel Deals

While last-minute travel may have a reputation for being impetuous and cheap, the recent boom in apps and websites that allow you to book hotels on the fly has made it easier than ever to get great hotel deals. Some of these apps—like Hotel Tonight and One Night—are aimed at booking hotel rooms for the same evening, while others—like Skyscanner—let you browse hotels by location, review rating, and even hotel type. Check this out :Go here

Regardless of the app or site you choose, when shopping for last-minute hotel deals, make sure to check the fine print. Many of these services require you to sign up for an account to access their deals, and some limit the number of available hotel rooms you can book, or require that you only book a certain room type. Some also aren’t refundable, which can be a problem if your plans change.

Last-Minute Travelers Rejoice: The Best Apps for Hotel Deals

If you’re a corporate travel manager, you can set up tiered travel policies that empower travelers to book on their own but prevent them from booking rooms that are outside your budget. You can also use Hotel Engine to earn HE Rewards on all your bookings and redeem them for rate discounts or free nights with 15+ top hotel loyalty programs.

As you shop for hotel deals, don’t forget to bundle your flight and hotel for a better price. KAYAK offers a handy search bar at the top of the screen that makes it easy to see which sites are offering what and how much you can save by booking both together.