Different Types of Playground Surfacing

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A high-quality playground surface is essential for children’s safety. The right surfacing will absorb the impact of falls from equipment and prevent head injuries, which can range in severity from minor to fatal. The surface should also be slip-resistant to help prevent children from hurting themselves on equipment.

Some of the most popular options for playground surfacing london are mulch, rubber tiles, and synthetic grass. These surfacing materials are ideal for schools and nurseries, as they provide an easy-to-clean and visually appealing playground surface that will not degrade with use or weathering. Moreover, they are a great choice for children because they feel soft on the feet and look realistic.

Choosing the Safest Playground Surfacing in London: A Comprehensive Guide

Poured rubber is another great option for children’s play areas. This type of surfacing is made up of tiny rubber granules that are bonded together and create a seamless surfacing that doesn’t need a sub-base. It’s a durable material that can withstand the rigors of everyday use, and it comes in a variety of colors with graphic designs to suit any playground design.

One drawback to this material is that it can be abrasive and offers no shock absorption, so it should not be used in areas where there is a risk of falling from height. Additionally, it can be difficult to install because it must be poured in place, so you will need to hire an experienced and certified contractor.

A safer and more affordable option is EcoSmart’s rubber grass mats. They are easy to clean and have a natural appearance, so they blend in well with the environment. Additionally, they offer a softer landing than safety tiles with a harsh plastic finish.