Relationship Tips – How to Make Sure Your Relationship THRIVES

Relationships can be difficult; finding time to spend together, juggling children and work and dealing with arguments are all common relationship challenges. But there are things you can do to make sure your relationship thrives. This link

1. Learn to communicate effectively. Using active listening skills (putting down your phone, giving them your full attention) and expressing how you feel are the foundation of a healthy couple. 2. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings, especially your negative ones. It is essential to be able to express how you are feeling without blaming your partner and to hear their thoughts about the issue.

3. Don’t compare your partner to other people and if you do notice that you are doing it, stop it! It is unfair and can upset your partner. It is also not the best way to motivate them to improve themselves. 4. Don’t bury conflicts; it only makes them worse. Instead, set aside a time to talk about your relationship and resolve difficulties.

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5. Respect each other’s family and friends. This is especially important in long-term relationships. If your partner doesn’t respect their family and friends, it can be hard to trust them and it may mean they won’t treat you well.

6. Don’t forget to have fun. Plan date nights and spend quality time together doing things you both enjoy. Whether it is karaoke or bowling, having fun together can strengthen your bond.

7. Be kind to each other – this is so important and if you are struggling to do this then a Relate counsellor can help.