Rehab Newry – What to Expect From a Drug Or Alcohol Rehab

Rehab newry is an excellent choice for anyone who has become addicted to alcohol or drugs. In Newry, as in the rest of the UK, there are plenty of people who use substances to self-medicate or cope with traumatic life events and circumstances.

When you choose rehab Newry, you will be offered a range of treatments by the mental health team, who will help you to develop healthier ways of dealing with your problems. They may suggest that you try hobbies that are known to be good for stress relief such as yoga, meditation and hillwalking. They will also help you to plan how to deal with triggers when they arise.

A Guide to Rehab in Newry: Finding the Right Path to Recovery

The treatment you receive will depend on your specific situation and the type of addiction that you have, for example, if you are addicted to cocaine then you might need to undergo a course of intensive counselling sessions. Depending on your situation, you might also need to be separated from your drug or alcohol use while you attend treatment. This is usually offered through residential drug or alcohol rehabs.

When Liz (not her real name) arrived at Cuan Mhuire, an addiction treatment centre in Newry, she was “on her knees”. She had a very successful career and home life but began drinking alcohol to escape from her problems and her problem snowballed. The 12-week programme she undertook at the Newry centre helped her regain control of her life.