How to Dry Gel Nail Polish at Home

how to dry gel nail polish are a quick and easy way to get beautiful nails for weeks at a time, but they can be a little tricky to dry. This article will show you the steps you need to take to successfully dry your gel manicure at home without a UV light or LED light.

To begin, make sure your nails are clean and dry before applying any nail polish. If you have any excess oil from buffing or daily use, it can cause the polish to lift prematurely. If there is any debris or dust on your nails, this can also cause problems. Soak a cotton ball with non-acetone nail polish remover and gently rub it over each nail to remove any dirt or oil.

The Art of Drying Gel Nail Polish: Techniques and Tools

Once your nails are clean, you should start by applying a base coat to each nail and curing them for at least 30 seconds to a minute. This will help the base coat adhere properly to your nails and give you a smooth, long-lasting manicure.

Then, apply your color and cap the edges of each nail with a top coat to protect your manicure and ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Once again, you will need to cure each layer of gel polish for at least a minute to allow it to completely dry.

If you do not have a LED or UV nail lamp at home, you can try using an ice bath to dry your nails. This is a simple method of curing your nails and is often used in nail salons when they are working on several clients at once. Fill a bowl or sink with cold water and a few handfuls of ice, then submerge your hands in the ice bath for a few minutes to speed up the drying process.